Dangerous Causes And Factors For Depression.

Until now, nobody the specific reason that show up depression. There are factors that make people have bad mood and depression, such as biochemical factors, genetic factors and environmental factors.

You are going to know one by one impact on depression:

- Biochemical factors: studies confirm that physical change by intake drugs a long time effect the body then on mood. Also the hormone imbalance can be a cause of depression.

- Genetic factors:
researchers showed that depression is focused on people who have relatives living with depression. Researchers still looking for the main reason for that factor.

- Environmental factors:
environmental can be one of the most factor that touch people's mood, you can see the difference between people who live in cities and other in natural places. There is also economical problems that make people very bad mood.

According to researchers, the main cause for depression in unknown, but they are find out some reasons can be increasing the risk of depression, including:
Presence of people Relatives with depression,
Suicides in family,
Events causing tension in life, such as death of a loved one,
Depressive mood in boyhood,
Diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's or AIDS
Eat continuously for a long period, for certain drugs, such as a certain type of pharmaceuticals to treat hypertension, sleeping pills.

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