4 Causes Of Emotional Eating

Let me start directly about 4 main courses in your fridge...

You may work 9 to 5 with crowded traffic and so stressful work... All this will make your body have a waterfall of cortisol hormon, then walk to refrigerator to eat something sweet or salt foods that make you a depressed fat person.. You think that you will feel relax after eating those foods... Sorry, you are wrong.

Your feelings:
You may think that eating is the only solution for you negative feelings including anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, resentment and shame, believe me you will never feel how tasty your foods are.

Boredom or feeling of emptiness:
So this one is for me, yes, when I feel emptiness, I'm looking for something to eat to fill my free time without thinking how much amount food I ate.

Childhood habits:
You may ask why this is related to emotional eating...Well, back to your childhood memories when you get ice cream as a gift of good behavior, eat pizza outside home, your parent give you some candy when you're sad.
Every feeling have something related to foods.

Social affects:
This is the best one to decrease your stress, when you eat with family, co-workers or even your friends you eat big quantity of foods. Here, your emotional eating is enjoying the meetings, and you eat a lot. It's easy to be social.

I think all these causes will not impact you if you know how to manage them or find the solution to your emotional eating. For example, emptiness, you fill up your time with workout, or walk around with dog, you know yourself superior to me. So find the way to reduce emotional eating.

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