4 Causes Of Emotional Eating

Let me start directly about 4 main courses in your fridge...

You may work 9 to 5 with crowded traffic and so stressful work... All this will make your body have a waterfall of cortisol hormon, then walk to refrigerator to eat something sweet or salt foods that make you a depressed fat person.. You think that you will feel relax after eating those foods... Sorry, you are wrong.

Your feelings:
You may think that eating is the only solution for you negative feelings including anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, resentment and shame, believe me you will never feel how tasty your foods are.

Let See If You Have Emotional Hunger Or Natural Hunger

   You may know emotional hunger or natural hunger, let see the different between them. Emotional hunger is about your feelings. Here your eating is the solution of your bad feelings, but this is very bad to your mental health and your body too.

With emotional hunger, you eat without thinking about how much you eat ice cream, fried foods, or sweety cakes, then you never feel how they are tasty .

You never feel full with just emotional hunger, you still eating and eating until you get satiety. Vice versa, in natural hunger, you don't have to get satiety, you just feel full then you stop, this what you should do if you have emotional eating.

7 Habits Can Take You Away From Depressed Fat

      When I start writing the title of this article I remember one book start with the same "The 7 habits of...." you may read it too, I really like it.

Nobody could say no to tasty fried foods, but weight loss is not easy as you think. You want  your body don't give up in front of delicious fried foods or/and industrial foods.

Following habits may get you out of bad habits that gain your weight:

1- your kitchen should have more vegetables, fruits and nut. If you keep cakes in your  refrigerator the problem will begin, so stay away from sweety candy as possible as you can.

2- water, you may know the powerful role for bones, joints, skin and digestive tract, for  whole body. Studies confirm that drinking water before meals will help you to lose weight.

Taking Nap Will Increase Your Memory To 5 Times Power.

    Siesta, (I like this word much more than nap). You may know more about nap, right! If you do not know, it's little time after eating healthy lunch sleep 45 to 60 minutes, but there  are studies said that sleeping just 15 to 20 minutes is good enough to refresh your productivity.

Siesta is very powerful to students and employees for refresh the activities triple to 5 time  for their memory.

I don't want to set details about nap, this is just a general look on nap.
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