You Should Know Five Things that Are Not Recommended by Doctors

 U.S. Fox News network offer, five things that are not recommended by doctors, are:

 1 - believe any information that patient read:
Doctors warn their patients believe any information read it, it is possible to lead an Internet research for disease symptoms to composition wrong information to patient, which may result in its focus on scary things may not apply to his case.

2 - keep secrets from your doctor:
doctor must until patient treated just correctly that knows its history, health of all medicines and herbal supplements covered by any alternative treatment used, especially symptoms that do not disclose them to his friends and family members.

3 - Do not follow doctor's instructions:
patient doses recommended by doctor complete and follow instructions makes  patient safer with his illness, but excessive doses described possible cause is in danger very danger.

4 - to accelerate testing and modern tests without knowledge of doctor:
doctor does not recommend patient tests of a modern type, such as virtual colonoscopy or CT scan full of his own without a doctor's permission, you may be much simpler tests sufficient to inform disease doctor.

5 - tampering with remedies:
always going to be there are reasons requiring doctor to describe particular dose or a specific medication, it may be of some medications negative interactions, such as antibiotics, which becomes less effective if not patient takes all other drugs described them, must take all medications according directed by your doctor.

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