Antidepressant For Pregnancy...Antidepressant Side Effect On Breastfeeding

It's better to discuss benefits and risks with your doctor.

FOR  Pregnancy:

You need to think about these questions:
- How was your sickness in the past?
- Sick effect on your body and your pretty fetus?
- What is some good info about antidepressant uses in the right way during pregnancy?
- What are other treatments that I can use?

FOR Antidepressants side effects on breastfeeding:

You need to think about these question:
- What are breastfeeding  benefits?
- How many antidepressant come into breastmilk?
- Is there any other risks that will come if I use other drugs after birth?
- Is there any future health problem on my baby during take antidepressant?

These some questions that you can ask your doctor to get full vision on your pregnancy periods and your breastfeeding.
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