Fried Foods?...Think About It

   You may love Fried foods, I'm crazy about fries and sea fruits, but after this article you will not eat or think about fried foods as I did.  Heart disease loves fried foods when you increase fried foods that you eat you have to know that  also you increase heart disease too, according to Harvard University. So what are dangerous of these fried foods? How fried foods can effect my heart?

Before reading the answers, let see the following fried foods factors to cook yummy foods:
- Amount of oil used;
- Duration of frying;
- Flipping foods during the frying process;
- cooking Instrument used for frying.

   Also let see frying ways in many countries such as Middle East they have a DEEP frying for french fries and fish using a large amount of oil. SHALLOW Frying with a little bit of oil to cook salmon, piece of vegetables or veal meat piece, as you see shallow frying is less dangerous than deep on. Here is the frying way that I love, it's a Chinese way called, STIR frying with a few hot oil to fry vegetable slices meats, note that still flipping the foods may keep benefits and water too -I like this one-.

What about the questions above, yeah it's time to see the dangerous and effect on your heart, the blood machine of the body. Research confirmed that eating fried foods may increase heart diseases, the times to eat them a week time you increase the disease, for example, once to 3 time a week you increase the risk of heart failure by 18%, 4 time to 6 time per week you are up to 25%, if you eat more than 7 time a week I'm afraid you are up 70% to broke blood machine. So try to say no to fried foods, if you can't you eat them from time to time but not always if you keep your blood machine.

Last but not least, researchers got information about 15 thousand men in physicians health study during 10 years, they found that 5% of men have heart disease, when researchers analyses what men said that they eat much fry foods weekly. Professor of cardiology at the University of California said that all these studies have the same results of eating fried foods for getting diabetes type 2, obesity and high blood pressure all these risk factors will increase heart disease.

We all love tasty fried foods, but our body first, it's ok to eat them from time to time ( may be once per month) I prefer stir frying.

More water, more vegetable and fruits are living for a healthy heart.
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