Food Allergy and Allergy Symptoms

The allergy is a reaction of your body that happens with deferent elements, there are plenty of kinds of allergy.
In this article, I will talk about food allergy in general and some of allergy symptoms So the allergy comes from food

- Fish (especially the old one), because the Itching shows red stain caused by Histamine element.
Who comes from acid Histidine?

- Grain allergy: is not necessary to get this kind from grain ( for example bread piece),
but you can get it from household utensils who have some trace of grain.

- Nuts like pistachios, almonds, also biscuits and ice cream.

- The tradition allergy: this is a list of tradition  allergy
in addition and the most important, Genetically modified food.

- food industry are genetically modified who take human blood to down which is aging blood.

- oils: like corn and soy, around the world are genetically modified.

- pesticides: there are some or the majority vegetables have pesticides.

 AlSo comes from cats and dogs, if you have someone has allergy don't be close to pet.   

 Another one for women who use cosmetics, parfums, and dyeing hair, all these give the allergy,
I'm not saying don't use them but I just  say use them little. If you use them so much, you will get the allergy.
There is a percentage that say 90% of women who work at  the beauty salon have the allergy.

 Mobile phone, WIFI, and other  hardware wireless are the most dangerous who lead to a decrease in vitamin D in your body.
For example,mobile phone have wave these wave will be dangerous when talk plus walk and sleep,
because the wave will be very large when you walk or drive your car.

The main reason when you feel increased heart rate, there are two elements that you will get when you have that feeL.
food toxins and genetically modified food.
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