What People should Know to Get Healthy?

 Before you read this article, let's see what is deference between past nutrition methods and the present nutrition methods.

In the past, people was very strong and healthy. However, now there is the opposite, WHY ? Because there is so many Oxygen that spread to all members of body and make a good circulatory.

In other side, in the present as you know, there are deferent kind of pollution and health problems -many of them- .

This article will show you some info about enzymes, and symptoms of lack of vitamin D, after that you will get the change
to know the importance of OMEGA 3 acid. Last but not least you will know some natural food and nuts that will improve your

To get a strong and healthy body you may need to know some info about Enzymes. Enzymes gives the body all he need to be
strong, enzymes has two important element, vitamins and mineral salts( I will talk about them later), your body can't take
these enzymes without minerals such as  Zinc and Calcium, these minerals to stimulate enzymes.

There are vitamins work together, which is, there is no vitamin work without other like vitamin K with A, E and C.
Lack of vitamins and mineral salts, breaks down the body. To absorption of vitamin and mineral salts you need to make natural cooking. However, your body don't make the absorption of enzymes with fast food and that will make the symptoms of
lack of vitamins, such as vitamin D. There are women and men who have little of vitamin D in their body with the following

- No effort is estimated to;
- Always headache;
- Disturbed sleep;
- Exhaustion. 

What about OMEGA 3 acid. If you don't know how the OMEGA 3 works,here is the importance of OMEGA 3 acid. Omega 3 is the general
controller, he control all non-natural events in your body including:

- Prevents the oxidation of cholesterol to not make dangerous to your heart and arteries.
- Control the hormones.
- Control growth Hormones in children.
- Control the thyroid.
- control the absorption of mineral salts on the brain.
- Control the fatigue of members like ears, eyes and heart.
- Control Poisoning, he doesn't leave poisoning to some cells such as Hair loss.
- He is anti-aging.

There are people who take a strong muscular effort after relax at once, they feel tired and breath quickly. This for people
who work with their body without thinking, they will have problems with their nervous system, that's making nervous tension.
In other side, there are people who do the opposite like working at offices they will have problems with their body such as
relaxation in the muscles and exhaustion. As a result we need to do a balance between thinking and muscles moves.

If you think to get a healthy body, her are some natural food and nuts to improve your body including:

- Flaxseed and sesame (sesame for people who haven't the allergy).
- Fish has omega 3 acid and good for kids to get smart.
- Almond and walnuts gives your body the power.
- Dried figs has lot of calcium.
- Dates has iodine element and vitamin B to have a strong heart muscle.

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