Memories of Past to Protect Alzheimer's Patients

U.S. study said that cause of obesity are some people who eat  same quantities of sweetened beverages, more than others may be due to get them some genetic markers associated with disease.

Move location of American Life Science researcher in study if so, from School of Medicine at Harvard University, as saying that results of study suggest that genetic and environmental factors may increase risk together with obesity.

He added these people who carry genetic markers increase their risk of obesity, they can mitigate this risk by eating healthy drinks.

Ki and his colleagues analyzed data from more than 33 thousand teen participated in three studies started since eighties and nineties of last century, was put on them, every four years, questions regarding foods and drinks they consume.
As researchers analyzed their genetic map in search of 32 genetic marker linked to obesity, also gave them based on number and type of genetic markers that they have, figure reflects degree of obesity readiness.

Researchers concluded these people who had high degree of readiness for obesity were in mostly are a fat, is that relationship between genetic factors of obesity was stronger in people who ate sweetened beverages.

Making clear this higher degree of readiness for obesity by 10 points higher risk of obesity by 35% for people who eat less than a drink of sweetened beverages a month, but this figure amounted to 59% in people who ate and drinking these drinks per month, and 235% in people who drink or more per day.

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