Vaccine For Obesity

It may be premature to dispense with diet and sports training, But it seems that solution is on the way to us. Until now, experience of vaccine was successful on mice, scientists must understand way it works and expected results when used on humans.

A few years ago, scientists have to identify that hormone called ghrelin, Responsible for hunger feeling and weight increase. Now, a group of researchers from the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, with the participation of Osaka Japanese University Work experiences anti-ghrelin On a group of rats, a few months later, it turns out that being overweight for members of that group were very low compared to other group was provided with same quantities of  foods and  same period.

The problem is that scientists believe that mention role of this hormone in processes associated with brain such as ability to apprehension, Which could make tampering in hormones is dangerous ...Than you should know that danger also comes from fact that hormone manipulation irreversible or reversible if has already.

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