Tips For Keeping Foods.

Fruit and vegetables should be on list for any individual food for a better healthy life. They save memory, a good source of fiber and generally make your body in best condition. But restrictions on most of benefits
should be properly saved.

Many of us believe that keeping all fruits and vegetables in refrigerator is the best way to save, but this is not entirely true. They also need to certain packaging ways to save them as long as possible. Some fruits can be stored for longer than other.

For example, apples can be kept for three weeks in refrigerator for longer than pineapple, which does not keep more than a week. Proper way to save vary depending on type of fruit or vegetables.

Most fruits and vegetables can retain good condition when saved refrigerator. Berries of the most vulnerable and exposed fruit to rot easily, so you must not keep for long or keep them in pots allow ventilation.

Onions, potatoes, garlic is best saved in a cool dark place in the kitchen.

Storing at room temperature until ripe and then can be placed in refrigerator, if you want to save more of these fruits, avocados, peaches, papaya, mango, melon, pear, kiwi.

Bananas must be cooked at room temperature and then eaten, it turns black color when left too much, if you want to save more Remove crust and place in  freezer until used in manufacture of juice. Generally it's better to eat your fruits and vegetables fresh longer retention period lose its beneficial nutritional elements.

 Packaging and preservation for vegetables and fruit:

 - Place fruit at room temperature until cooked before you put them in refrigerator.

 - Bring a medium-sized plastic bag.

- Bore around 20 hole in  bag.

 - Put each type of fruit or vegetables in a separate bag.

 - Place fruit in a separate drawer from  vegetable drawer.

 - Try to use after 5 days at most in general. But each fruit for their own preservation.

With simple steps, we can save our foods in every kind of food has a period to keep it.

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