Apple Protects Your Lungs

A group of British researchers, advice that eating an apple a day, helps to improve performance and function of your lungs. This came in a report published in journal Thorax on a study conducted by a team of doctors St George's Hospital in London on relationship between diet and how lungs work, in more than 2500 men between ages of 45 and 54.

Researchers have adopted in their study to measure strength of exhaled
by using a special method, which determined lungs to link their function to fullest access for your body to high amounts of vitamins C, E,  beta-carotene and summary material of oranges, apples, fruit juice. After that it was taking into account a range of factors such as body size, smoking and physical exertion,  team ended that the only food that he had important effects, is APPLE.

Noting that eating five or more apples during a week, leading to a relatively better performance in lung function, as it shows that energy from eating this fruit more than 138 ml. Although it did not prove that eating apple prevents erosion natural ability of  lungs with age, eat greater of this substance would reduce severity of this scourge, scientists find their evidence on this in fact that apple reduces degradation speed caused by others factors such as pollution.

This fruit is available on high amount of anti-poisoning material, which can contribute important to protect lungs from harmful symptoms caused by air pollution and cigarette smoking.
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