7 Urine Color Tell You Who Your Health Is.

You know that you can easily how your body is, sick or healthy. Just by your urine color. Normal urine color this means that your body is good no worries.

The colors that including:

Light yellow urine:
  This means that your body have enough liquids especially water and your body is well. However, if your urine is yellow  with yellow skin, nausea and vomiting these are symptoms of  liver disorder, you must contact Gastroenterology Specialist.

Bright yellow urine:
  This could be good health especially after take vitamins.

Dark yellow urine:
  This points to one thing which is usually dry. This shows that neglect of liquids intake, especially water during the day cause skin dryness and lack of liquids in  body and has other serious health complications. Here, you should pay attention to the amount of liquids and a lot of them as much as possible.

Pink or red urine:
  It usually refers to:
1 - The presence of blood in urine, as a result of infection or infection in bladder or kidney , feeling the need to urinate,a feeling of heat or fever, you should consult a specialist immediately
2 - eat a lot of foods with a pink or red dye such as beets or berries or artificially colored foods.
3 - or it may be effecting of some laxatives.

Orange urine:
  This usually refer to:
1 - effects of some types of medication, you should consult a doctor here or pharmacist about  medications prescribed and its complications
2 - or may be result of eating a lot of foods with a red or orange pigment, such as beets, berries or artificially colored foods.

Blue-green urine:
  This may be an indication of:
1 - effects of taking certain medications, you should visit a specialist doctor here.
2 - eat a lot of foods artificially colored.

Dark brown urine:
  This refer to:
1 - disorders of liver, especially if it is accompanied feces and pale yellow, or biliary nature.
2 - or be effects of some medications, try to always know complications of any drug intake.
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