Spice Is Not Flavor.... It's More Than That.

Spices are parts of  food may be the leaves or seeds or crust, its aroma and strong flavor so added in small quantities.

Spice occupies the first rank as antioxidant, fights free radicals and protect your body from cancer cells, aging, diseases and allergies.

You can add that spice into your diet program its help you to weight loss. Nutrition Specialists advice that spice can increase burning fat in your body,  that's why you add into your diet.

- Cinnamon: rich in polyphenol compounds behave like insulin and helps in controlling blood sugar and works as a PainKiller Medicine.

- Oregano: Contains the amount of antioxidants among spices and excellent for safety of respiratory functions.

- Turmeric: important for brain health and fight aging.

- Rosemary: helps reduce inflammation, which is opposed to performer and risk of some chronic diseases.

It's not a prescription, but more than flavor of your meal, it's everything you can get with foods to be healthy.
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