Depression Drugs During Pregnancy...Warning

A new study in Canada shows these pregnant women eat depression drugs during pregnancy are  in the red light to have Abortion by 68%.

Previous studies have examined the effect of depression take drugs during pregnancy. It was very modest and yielded conflicting results. However, the Canadian study conducted recently and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, examined more than 5,000 women found through control of all  other factors that may cause miscarriage, that taking antidepressants class SSRI (pills prevent absorption repeated serotonin in body) during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of abortion.

Also, from previous studies we know that 20% of pregnant women or in other words (one woman out of every five pregnant women)abortion will face stemming from a variety of different reasons. However, the results suggest that this risk may increase due to take drugs depression SSRI.

Professor Berard believes that as part of preparatory stage of pregnancy for a woman to consult with her ?? Doctor about benefits and risks of eating different types of antidepressants during pregnancy. Another expert , Dr. Yasin ,  vice chairman of the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Miami Miller says that this research is very important to him because he will lead physicians to determine whether the patient really needs Pharmaceuticals depression, because many people are taking these depression pills without a real need her . Only in the case show that patient really need the medication to treat depression , doctors to prescribe the lowest possible dose to achieve desired effect , of course refrain from describing types of drugs that has been detected it increases the risk of miscarriage too.

Pregnancy is a special one that all women dream about to have a pretty baby, so pregnant women should/ MUST be careful in all 9 month of the pregnancy month per month, any action with no idea of the thing that will happen after, will be abortion and wil be risky on women, SO always follow your doctor instructions.

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