Antidepressants Side Effects For Listed Groups

You may take antidepressants,when take the for long time, you will have feelings that you never feel it before, these are side effects behind antidepressants you took.

Here are the following common side effects of TCA, SSRI, SRNT, MAOI and Atypical antidepressants:

For TCA:
- Dry mouth
- Tremors
- Drowsiness or fatigue
- constipation
- Weight gain
- Increased heart rate
- confusion for adults
- Dizziness and nausea.

DO NOT take this type of antidepressant, it's very dangerous if you take big doses.

within the first 2 weeks you will feel
- Nausea,
- Anxiety,
- restlessness
- Decreased sex drive.
Some of these pills can make bad Indigestion, if you want to stop Indigestion you should take pills into you delicia meals.

They are not recommended if you have heart problems or seizures, also make high pressure. So watch out your antidepressants.

it's rare to take this into your doctor prescribes to you at the present, your doctor can prescribe you a list
of foods that you should follow with this type of antidepressant.
- Dizziness
- Insomnia
- Weight gain
- Headaches
- Sexual problems
- Daytime sleepiness

For Atypical antidepressants:
- Weight gain
- Loss of sex drive
- Dizziness and nausea
- Dry mouth
- Blurred vision
- Constipation
- Difficulty urinating
- Sun sensitivity
- Increased heart rate
- Disorientation or confusion.

The side effects vary according to the specific drug. So pay attention to any  antidepressant you take, these antidepressant can cause serious withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking them abruptly.

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