6 Tips To Boost Your Energy During Daily activities

According to The Doctor Oz show, to enjoy activities and get back your energy during the day, this short article, you will learn 6 tips that DR OZ said. The following tips are:

1- Eat omega 3 foods such as tuna, salmon, sardine, mackerel and nuts.( about me I keep nuts in my pocket)

2- Running, walking and exercises can make your energy exploded, and spread the oxygen to all piece of your body.

3- Try to sleep well at least 8 hours daily, this can restore you energy that you lost it during your day, it also assist you to lose some weight.

4- Don't do your activities on you bed do them out of you bed.

5- Drink water, drink more.

6- Eat more whole grain that have energy for your body.

All these tips, one thing that missed is about boosting our energy, you know it? Yes it's energy drinks, they extremely boost your energy like a beautiful horse, but wait! These drinks can cause dramatic rise in blood pressure and increase blood pressure, so keep it natural.

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