Lonely Can Get You Die...Is That True?

      Ok, studies proofed that lonely can make you to write a will to this world. A new study in Brigham Young University discover that  lonely can increase die almost 30%, this new study spread in Association for Psychological science journals.

The Professors Holt-Lunstad said that effect of  lonely is like obesity, and ensure you have to be sociable to maintain your social relationships. However the question that I make is, how  lonely can be dangerous as smoking and/or obesity can be defiantly risk on our body? All right let's read what they discover.

       Being lonely can effect you're moral :
The researchers did that there is study with 3.4 million participant on early death to ensure about the impact of  lonely and social isolation or even living alone. This study took 7 years, within this time, plus previous studies in same project, the researchers discover three words including, lonely, social isolation and living alone.

      Researchers found the following results:
- Lonely can increase risk of death by 30%;
- Social isolation can increase risk of death by 29%;
- And living alone can increase the risk by 32%;
- The biggest risk if for people how are under 65 years old.

      I see that  lonely can open you eyes on negative memories, bad things even disappointing past, then you are going to open the door of depression and finally I'm afraid to say this you will open the black door which is suicide thoughts. So it's much better to be sociable and open minded with good people (like me...Lol).

      How lonely can increase the risk? With all those studies it seems that moral or psychology are not the only thing who can make a death, there are Physical ailments too, such as heart diseases, a study Carried out by Harvard University that 24% of lonely people have early death by heart disease.

      It's ok to be alone for a while, but being lonely your foot slip to a dark hole (far away from Physical ailments), yes depression this is red light you have to make it green.

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