Let See If You Have Emotional Hunger Or Natural Hunger

   You may know emotional hunger or natural hunger, let see the different between them. Emotional hunger is about your feelings. Here your eating is the solution of your bad feelings, but this is very bad to your mental health and your body too.

With emotional hunger, you eat without thinking about how much you eat ice cream, fried foods, or sweety cakes, then you never feel how they are tasty .

You never feel full with just emotional hunger, you still eating and eating until you get satiety. Vice versa, in natural hunger, you don't have to get satiety, you just feel full then you stop, this what you should do if you have emotional eating.

Emotional hunger is usually leading to remorse, shame, shy and guilt, those feelings you never find them in natural hunger simply you just give your body the needed energy.

Now , different between emotional hunger and natural hunger. In brief:

Emotional hunger:

- It comes without knocking the door
- Feel to stop hunger immediately.
- You want to eat specific convenient foods.
- You can't saturate once the stomach is full.
- It stimulates feelings of guilt, helplessness and shame.

Natural hunger:

- It comes gradually.
- You can wait.
- A lot of good food options.
- Stop eating once you feel full
- It does not make you feel bad about yourself.

Still more about emotional eating in  next articles

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