7 Habits Can Take You Away From Depressed Fat

      When I start writing the title of this article I remember one book start with the same "The 7 habits of...." you may read it too, I really like it.

Nobody could say no to tasty fried foods, but weight loss is not easy as you think. You want  your body don't give up in front of delicious fried foods or/and industrial foods.

Following habits may get you out of bad habits that gain your weight:

1- your kitchen should have more vegetables, fruits and nut. If you keep cakes in your  refrigerator the problem will begin, so stay away from sweety candy as possible as you can.

2- water, you may know the powerful role for bones, joints, skin and digestive tract, for  whole body. Studies confirm that drinking water before meals will help you to lose weight.

3- Less protein, you can eat little low-fat meat.

4- say no to Calorie liquid like energy drinks and soft drinks, if you look to be slim.

5- Left weight, to lose weight and keep you from heart disease.

6- Guest what next? Breakfast, the best meal you start your day, your breakfast should contain brown bread and nut,also milk.

7- Don't give up, you have a diet plan to follow, go for it even you eat fatty meals and drink soft drinks just go back you your diet quickly.

Finally I found a sentence that recap the whole things related your health, iiiiis
eat LESS, MORE exercises.

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