Diabetes and Pressure

 First, there are two element that are most important to know, to be healthy without, or less of diabetes and pressure. They are sodium and potassium. In this article you will get the disadvantages of sodium and benefits of potassium. Also, kinds of pressure, In addition the most important one is the relation between diabetes and pressure. Finally, what people should do to lose diabetes. With some advices.

To began with disadvantages of sodium on human body especially  kids when they eat lot of food including:
fast food;
french fries;
biscuit ;
these food and more have many salt, when people eat them for long time, their arteries will not extended and they will have problems with heart.

In other side there benefits of potassium, all vegetables have potassium and a little bit of sodium, when we eat foods that have potassium such as vegetables, we will not incidence of cardiovascular disease. Lifestyle has been changed, as you know there are lot of diabetes and pressure out there and eating vegetables become rare.

There are two kinds of pressure. First, high pressure its show heart  case, if there is strong heart beats and arteries cannot be extended,  quantity of blood will be little and not enough. Second, low pressure this for mineral salts  problems. High pressure up to 26, the person may have paraplegia or stroke, this level is very dangerous, if he doesn't take the right lifestyle with medications.

There are people have diabetes and pressure, when they have both, have not to ignore pressure, high pressure is dangerous than diabetes. Pressure drop symptoms is, lack of appetite and is not dangerous than high pressure. To solve this , simply do some sport exercises. When pressure is good diabetes will be good too.

 To patients with diabetes,
do not eat:
- all kinds of meats;
- carrot;
- figs;
- dates;
- industrial foods;
- vegetable cooked with meat.
- vegetable;
- pulses;
- food that have OMEGA 3 acid such as almond, walnuts, sesame, flaxseed, OR you can take omega 3 capsules, it's good for high pressure and diabetes.

All this is not enough, you should know more from your doctor.

To be healthy and lose diabetes you should take medication that doctor prescribed for you plus,stay from meats, all meats (except fish). Your doctor may minimize insulin doses ( up to 15 dose), maybe can change these doses by tablets. So lifestyle is SO IMPORTANT.
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