What is Your Info About Cancer?

You may know what is the cancer, but this disease is the age disease . Everyone of us can have cancer without exception. It's not contagious the cancer is that reproduce randomly cell and will become a tumor in one of members of body. The cancer is not killer disease, people don't die from cancer but die from cancer complications, when people are too late to do diagnosis.

 In this article you will get, kinds of cancer and causes of cancer however, the most important thing that you need to get healthy without any kinds of cancer is a good diet. The cancer has more than 250 kinds of cancer, including:
breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, blood cancer, and more..

The question is, where all these kinds are come from? We should know causes of this age disease, there are so many causes that make the cancer such as:
-  Smoking, the person who smock at the present he will get cancer faster than past which is in the past there is enough oxygen but now there is air pollution that's why he will have the cancer very fast.
- People who eat lot of meats without starches and plants, are close to cancer.
- People who eat fast food, drink drinks and cooke in aluminum utensils are very close to cancer.
- People who use computer, wifi, cell phone are very much close to cancer.
- Some farmers who treated, plants then eat without wash their hands are close to three kinds, blood cancer, brain cancer, pancreas cancer.

The problem is very simple, we see the speed of industry exceeded the speed of scientific research, in industry every week there are new chemicals components. In other side scientific research walk slowly from one to two year.

The solution came from you from a good diet, eat a lot of plants, more than meats, to stay away form cancer. If you have cancer ( I hope you have not ) get ride of meats remove it from your nutrition list. Plants nutrition has so much more wood fibers, they help you to lose your waste fast from your body.
If you want to save liver and colon they are anti-oxidations that save your organs of your body such as, olive and oak.

Cancer can only be controlled NOT cured, the most powerful thing is your mental state is very helpful to do a long step in your disease.
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