Importance of Vitamins to Get Healthy.

Vitamins are very important  to our body without, them our health will get problems. Some of the biggest problem is that sense of fatigue and low muscles and mental activity. In this little article, you will know some vitamins and more about vitamin B, Also lack of vitamin symptoms.

The importance of vitamins is to get your body work well without any problems in your organs to get a healthy body, you need to make a good circulation to spread vitamins to all members of your body. Their are 90% of vitamins in plants.

Their are so many symptoms behind lack of vitamins, some of them:
- sense of fatigue.
- skin dry.
- ulcer digestive system.
- eye ulcer
- cracked nails.
- hair loss.

To minimize these symptoms and other, you need to know the benefits of vitamins, such as:
- vitamin A: the growth vitamin, healthy teeth and healthy skin, also to strengthen the visual purple in the eye   retina.
- vitamin K: so many in green leaves such as celery and parsley.
This is the most important one is vitamin B, there are vitamins related to B including:
- vitamin B1: nerves vitamin , you need this after a hard muscle work, after profuse sweating, it calms the nerves.
- vitamin B2: youth and vitality vitamin, it's important to cell growth and helps to iron absorption.
- vitamin B3: helps to produce red blood cells, it's for kids to grow well.
- vitamin B6: it's good for food balance in your body in tissue especially liver, skin and central nerves system. This vitamin and B3 are good for diabetes.
- vitamin B9: to create nerves system for fetus.
- vitamin B12: we can't leave it, this for creating blood and for nature work of central nerves system. It's called anti-blood clot bleeding vitamin.It's liver catalyzer to produce the essential element for  blood clotting this vitamin is good for swelling.

All vitamins B for energie, there are so many in the nature,in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits. In your feed you need to eat deferent meals in your good diet. For example, you can eat bread daily, you can eat vegetable three to four times, and a little bit of meat ( I will talk about meat soon). A modern lifestyle is that lack of vitamins.

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