Good Professional Sport Nutrition

As you know, sport exercises and movements are very important to keep your active body without, or less of diseases. When you move, your body will be in balance and vice versa.You are in the right place to get healthy about benefits of spot and movements for the sportive and in general for people, also some advices to professionals sports and their diet to keep their activities .

   In general, sport or movements are spontaneous movements. For example, workers need to move but this take muscular effort. Without movements your body will not take the energy and oxygen spread to all your body organs.When you do exercises you will have a good circulatory and calorie burning, in other hand, when you don't move, the energy store as fat in some areas such as  abdominal area and waist. However vitamins and proteins are not enough to get healthy, you need to do exercise.

   After sport, eat fruits or drink juice ( all fruits are good and healthy ) drinking water should be wormed to cold NOT cold it's very DANGEROUS, why? Some people die from drink a cold water after sport. So what should I drink first? Water or juice? You need to drink juice then water, because your body get back mineral salts, sugars and little of proteins.An other thing you can do as a professional sport, avoid drinking water  during sport  you have to wait  until you relax and then you can drink.

   Sport exercises make a sense if you ignore sugars and fat food. Diet for professionals sports like soccer player how can play  two hours and more, as a player, to keep your muscle work and play well, your body need proteins, mineral salts, antioxidants, also omega 3 acid the important one to make a strange body without feeling tired.
   There are food for sportive, should and shouldn't take :
good food including:  pulses,
                                 egg municipal,
                                dry fruits,
                                natural sugar such as dates and raisins...
Prohibited food including:  eating in alleys,
                                        industrial sugars...

In general, as person  grows older, doing  sport exercises is too important especially for women, walking is enough because it's improving the circulatory. If you work at office and use means of transports available to your work place and you don't have time to do exercises you should reduce eating and eat fruits, vegetable and little of meat  to get healthy. On the contrary, if your work need muscular effort, you should eat good food ( also fat food because it's going to burn ).
To get healthy in your life >>> eat less or more exercises.                        
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