What Do You Know About Meat?

If you eat a lot of meats, Now you will go away from meats after this article, you're going to reduce eating meats. In this article you will discover little bit info about meats, also diseases from eat many meats and some advices.

Meats are very important to our nutrition, it's giving your body many elements such as proteins, there are many ways to cook meat. Nowadays,we have lots, lots of proteins. There are some meats you can eat daily like fish, it's easy to cook and to eat for getting OMEGA 3, Calcium, and Zinc. In general, meats
are not necessary in your nutrition. However you can eat little bit for average people.

Eating lot of meat make it the first defendant in poisoning causes. Major of people love meat, crazy about, but this will discover many deferent cancers. High eat meats, high incidence of diseases, such as obesity, pressure, and other dangerous diseases.

For women who have menstrual cycle, before moment about two day, women shouldn't eat meats "FORBIDDEN", why ? that will be a hormonal disorder for women and that come from diet. For average people, you can eat  meat:
- once per month;
you can't eat:
- in night;
- when you travel.

There are three enough elements including fetostrogen, wood fiber, and antioxidation, if decreases to zero or gone, body will have dangerous waste such as amonyak sulfur gaze and CO2, it's leaving free roots " very dangerous" that destroy colon cells and prevent the absorption.

Let see Asian countries as an example, they eat lot of plants, and they haven't dangerous diseases like obesity, hormonal disorder, and allergy. They haven't aged too.

Will, eating plants much more than meats will show benefits of plants, vice versa, eating meats much more than plants will show non-benefits of meats little bit.

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