Before You Start a Diet to Lose Weight ......You Need This Article.

Many people suffer from weight gain problems, subsequent problems and complications, making search for a solution to lose weight is a common sought for many researchers for ideal weight.

However we often noticed that talk about weight loss followed directly talk about food table of diet is said to be the magic solution, and how many tables and agreed on one thing and it's not magic.

Thus, we noticed that seek to lose weighting is reducible often in table diet, ignoring weight loss and success in tables of  food requires strategies knowledge to lose weight, which must be followed from beginning of their path when determining ideal weight who seek him through selection table food appropriate and start implementation also continue enthusiastically, periodic review to achieve weight loss.

The most important rule: many tables food help a lot of people, but a few tables to suit every person, you can see diets best suited to lose weight by coming to know basics of choosing best system to lose weight.

Important steps to a successful weight-loss system:

1 - seriousness and obligation in pursuit of goal:
Ideal weight permanently is temporary, must prepare yourself to permanent changes in your lifestyle, you have to remember that these changes are changed for a better health.
These changes need to focus, insistence of my mind to get rid of some old habits.

Mental focus is required, don't worry about pressure, psychological and social problems, where these problems is difficult to final disposal, you strive to get rid of them as much as possible.

So, perfect time to start a program to lose weight is a time when at least one possible number of psychological stresses and social, because it allows you to serenity my mind and stability myself larger, helping you to focus on making changes permanent lifestyle and habits associated with weight, thus largest amount of seriousness adhere to a weight loss program.

2 -owning strong internal drive and maintain it:
One of the most important questions that we must face in beginning (why I take it?), must be your answer to this question ready because your mind weary of your insistence on changing habits wrong insist on asking this question inside you again and again, in order your determination change.

The answer to this question and will be internal motivation protects in your way to weight loss, so you should make your answer is the strongest motive internal inside you whether it's (your efforts to impress someone you love .. You want to play a sport with your friends instead of watching...
Access refusal to fate people suffered from chronic diseases due to weight .. Fear of not being able to care for your young children .. You want to live in good health. . . And other powerful motives).

Importance of motivation should make it always visible in front of you, once you start your diet program, whether it's hanging panel in bedroom or a large font size paper on door of room, it is important to make your motivation always on your eyes.

3 - Set realistic goals:
Maybe it makes sense to have realistic goals, but problem lies in specification targets to be realistic. As in your plan to lose weight you must carry in mind specifications realistic goals. Must differentiate among 3 types of targets in weight-loss journey:

* Long-term goals: are goals to be achieved on a regular basis continuously over a long time. For example, goal to lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week is considered long-term goal and REAL, where he, despite ability of some in first weeks to lose km bigger than weight per week, but in long run will be more realistic that this is our goal.
* Practical goals: are goals that describes tasks to be performed in order to lose weight. For example, exercise a day for half an hour over two weeks.
* Ultimate goals: are goals that achieving goal will have been accomplished from a weight loss program, have been satisfying internal drives mentioned earlier. For example, ideal weight and maintain it is ultimate goal.

A - Set: goal must be specific and clear.
B - measurable: build a measurable goal (whether it's timing or unit weight)
C - verifiable: must be an achievable goal reasonably range duration topic.
D -closely related: that goal must be directly linked to rest of goals of your weight loss program.
E - time-bound: there must be a clear time over, and specific to this goal also to achieve its purpose.

4 - enjoy healthy foods:
Lifestyle healthy food selection does not necessarily mean loss enjoy eating taste, but just move to other types of delicious cuisine unusual, and that does not only need sometime and conviction and familiarity of turned into a deli and healthy at same time.

Lose weight depends on reducing calories that enter body by reducing calories involved with food, increased caloric efforts in aerobics. Ways that help to healthy food contains  less calories:

 * Rely on larger vegetarian diet of vegetables and fruits.
* Exploit wide diversity in vegetables to make permanent changes so that there is no repetition of one type.
* Use oils of vegetable origin, such as olive oil ( I love it ).
* Use low-fat milk.
* Reduce use foods that contain a high fat content.

5 -continuing physical activity:
key to weight loss is to burn more calories than those that we consume, where burning 3500 calories means shortage of 0.5 kg in body weight, so be (500 price reduction daily X 7 days = reduce 3500 weekly food price) which means a lack of half kilos per week disposed of only by reducing calories involved in food.

Importance of exercise in that it helps in burning calories process dramatically, which means that weight loss will not be limited to only half kg each week.

One of the most important and easiest exercise which helps you burn calories exercise brisk walking for at least 30 minutes per day. It also helps a lot to join groups practicing a sport or exercise regularly as this contributes a lot to  encouragement to keep going. As that of common ideas in this regard do put your car in parking somewhat distant from workplace then complete rest of your way on foot or climb stairs instead of using elevators.

6 - A new vision to your life:
Is not enough to deal with eating healthily and exercises practiced for several weeks or even months, if you want to lose weight permanently must be careful that this lifestyle for you .. This change in your perspective of your life should start look honest and frank on wrong dietary patterns practiced by well unhealthy lifestyles.

After secretary evaluation of your lifestyle, should develop a plan to phase out wrong habits, which was always in attempts to lose weight. Should not be limited to this assessment to identify challenges they face, but to be planning to deal with these challenges strongly and decisively.

In spite of all difficulties that you'll meet, remember that you yourself struggling for better health enables you to participate actively in community life, before that strives to your better lifestyle.
So do not give up, set up and apply your goal, you'll see that result is well worth hard work of fatigue.

Finally, As I said there is no magic diet, but there are many effective diets, everyone what suits him in light of criteria mentioned in article.

Last but not least it's your choice to your diet, ask yourself these questions:

1 - Contains a variety of foods enough and include all basic food groups (fruits - Vegetables - low fat dairy -  Grains - seeds - and protein)?
2 - Contains foods you love and enjoy, that can depend on them permanently and not for sake of a temporary system for a period of weeks or for months?
3 - Is food in system easy trading in local surroundings and exist for vendors in your residence area?
4 - This system provides you to eat your favorite food, allows a margin to eat all foods?
5 - Fits your budget and your lifestyle away from unhealthy habits that you need to change?
6 - Contains doses adequate nutrition and calories to lose weight effectively also safely without a negative impact on your body?
7 - Do you exercise an essential part of my program?

If majority of your answers "NO", you must know that this system does not provide you best results, you can find a better diet. You can know about reducing belly fat

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