Foods That Help You to Strengthen Memory.

- Carrots helps to stimulate your brain and your memory because it contains vitamin "C" and manganese.

- Lemon, lemon juice, it helps to extend your body with energy and ability to increase your comprehension and attention, lemon juice also works to calm nerves.

- Small nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts helps to strengthen it activates memory brain.

- A cup of ginger with honey has a strong ability to stimulate your body and help your brain to save
information and access to new ideas as it helps your brain  enter a large amount of oxygen to your brain.

- Eggs is food stimulant memory egg yolk contains choline, which reduces Alzheimer's risks.

- A piece of chocolate helps blood flow to your brain, contain caffeine and helps to awaken your brain.

- Spinach contains both folic acids, vitamins E and K, which slows memory impairment with age, about cabbage he has great ability to strengthen memory in your brain.

- Apples "I LOVE this fruit"  from more fruits that protect your brain cell inflammation because it contains antioxidants.

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