Is Green Tea Useful to Keep Graceful Movements For Older People?

Japanese study suggested that older person who drinks green tea regularly have gracefully in movement and greater independence from their peers.

Green tea is containing chemical resistance to oxidation. The researchers examined that green tea effect on everything such as cholesterol and certain cancers, they has not yet reached a conclusive result.

In this study, Japanese researchers questioned on a different issue: Do people who drink green tea regularly have a lower risk of osteoporosis and disability movement with advancing age?

Were followed up nearly 14 thousand adult who are over 64 years old, researchers found these people who drink green tea were less susceptible to inability to perform certain tasks through 3 years of follow-up.

Study means that deficit inability to exercise some everyday activities such as going to shop commercial shopping or doing household chores or do some basic needs such as dressing and bathing.

It turns out that about 13% of people who eat less than a cup of green tea every day are unable to perform such tasks as compared to only 7% of people who take more than 5 cups of green tea per day, but that alone does not prove that green tea makes a person enjoyed lightly movement during aging known golden years.

However, study is placed into account a series of factors that could link between green tea and enjoy lightly movement in old age.

From these facts presented by study fact that green tea lovers often follow a healthy diet includes a lot of fish, vegetables and fruits as they enjoy educational high level, low rates of smoking, lower rates of heart attack, stroke and enjoy mental sharp status.

Study also discovered that these people have social relationships, broad, active, have a lot of friends and relatives who depend on them, even with these factors remain that green tea effect in reducing risk of disability.

It was revealed that person who drink at least 5 cups of green tea be less susceptible to helplessness by a third of people who eat less than a cup of green tea every day, people who drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea with little risk of disability by 25%.

Although Study did not explain how green tea reduces risk of disability, but research team pointed to a previous study confirmed that green tea impact to strengthen legs muscles of older ladies.

In general, green tea safe if handled in moderate quantities but tea contains caffeine, which some work on avoided, also includes green tea on a small amount of vitamin K, which may interfere with drugs that prevent blood clots, such as drug warfarin and as many older taking some drugs on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor before taking green tea as a drink for health improvement.

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