Most Important Foods to Strengthen Your Immune...... Pictures Talk

Elderberry plant:
Elderberry plant treating old people, and found that fruit extract can stop growth of flu virus in lab experiments, but it needs more study .. However rewards a powerful antioxidant and infections treatment.

Mushroom cuisine neglected in our diet, but this little mushroom rich in vitamins and selenium material rare cause shortages to occur weakened immune systems.
Laboratory studies also proved effectiveness mushroom as an antidote to viruses, bacteria and tumors.

Purple berries (Acai Berry):
Grains of acai Berry, rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which fight disease and aging in general

Oyster have zinc, which has an effective role in strengthening the immune system also has a role in increasing fertility in men .. If oyster double benefit tidbit

Refreshing and restores vitality .. Melons output also a powerful antioxidant and contains a substance glutamine and helps in strengthening immune system.

Cabbage of all kinds of food useful and rich in glutamine booster for immune system to it add to your diet

Almond :
Fill your hand from almond granules can be saved your immune from negative affect of tension .. Almond has vitamin E, vitamin B and niacin material and recommended dose amount of a quarter of a cup a day

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and Article Flavonoid stimulating immune system ... Do not like grapefruit, you can replace it with orange and mandarin

Wheat germ:
Wheat germ nutrient rich material zinc and vitamin B, antioxidants and many other vitamins so it useful health food to strengthen immune

Low-fat yogurt:
One cup of yogurt a day can reduce your chances of developing a cold and flu .. Active yogurt beneficial intestinal bacteria which have a role in stimulating immune system also contains vitamin D

Of foods powerful antioxidant and has anti bacteria effect H - crystalline causing stomach ulcers .. After peeling garlic  leave aside for 15 minutes before cooking to get the best effect paperboard immunity

Nutrient-rich and antioxidants such as vitamin C and folate,
which repairs damaged genetic pigment and it is better to eat without
cooking or cook very simple to get full benefit

Green or black?? Types contain antioxidants and Flavonoids anti diseases and free radicals, so enjoy drinking a cup of tea

Sweet Potatoes:
Such as carrots .. Potatoes contain beta - carotene stimulant to immune system and antioxidants also contain vitamin A-related resistance aging and anti-cancer.

vegetables delicious that you can add to power and many of dishes is high in antioxidants and glutamine. Also vitamins and other nutrients and has been shown in laboratory trials on mice began depressing immune system.
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