Decrease iron affects brain cells

Studies advises that take iron from natural sources instead of medicine is taking medications that contain vitamins, especially iron from usual things for children and adolescents without even consulting a doctor, where there is conviction among many parents that these vitamins help to grow and improve health.

The truth that these convictions are not entirely correct and fixed scientifically that drug even if a vitamin or a substitute for mineral salts such as iron or calcium or other must be dealt with under medical supervision to determine appropriate dose for each age and circumstance patients for a definite period, because your body will benefit from these minerals or vitamins in certain concentrations, certain balance within your body. As can be a deficiency health ailment, illness can occur or serious medical excessive addressed, therefore must rely on natural resources to provide these elements instead of alternative chemical (medication).

Iron and brain
- In a recent study carried out by researchers from the University of California USA, which was published in electronic version of month in January, current patrol work of the National Academy of Sciences (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), monitoring researchers that iron deficiency does not lead only to poor concentration and cognitive child (cognitive problems), but also leads to a change in brain cells form.

- Iron functions
 It is known that iron from minerals so essential to human body, where it enters installation part responsible for carrying oxygen in red blood cells which is hemoglobin, has also played a role in manufacture of many cells, as well as role of iron,  protein-borne transferrin him critical role in brain function. It is also known that iron deficiency is lack of food months in world, which causes a lack of cognitive development and poor academic achievement of children in school years. There are studies showing that in later in life may play a significant increase in iron to damage to brain, which explains presence of an increase in  iron concentration in patients with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Lack or increase in iron rate can negatively affect on your body, so process of organizing transfer of iron in your body is a process highly sensitive, when iron deficiency  liver to increase secretion of protein transferrin to increase transfer of iron, which researchers tried to find out, if brain cells form in adults also depends on protein transferrin level. They found that brain cell work well and healthy for adults, is highly dependent on iron level in period of adolescence, as well as  presence of gene responsible for this link.

Iron sources
- Iron is in a lot of different nutrients such as eggs, especially yolk, liver, poultry, red meat, also in salmon, tuna, shellfish, vegetables, spinach, oats, and dried fruits such as dates, figs, apricots, dry beans, beans, soy, and nuts such as walnuts, raisins, almonds and oats, preferably taking vitamin «C» with foods that contain iron, helps to increase absorption, preferably also not drink tea immediately after eating this meal, as acid «tannic», found in tea reduces absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency risk
- Next to risks related to iron deficiency, which appeared in study, there is also a deficiency anemia iron (Iron Deficiency Anemia), which is months iron deficiency risk, causing weakness and energy loss, headaches, and inability to concentrate. It is known these infants and children are exposed to iron deficiency if not taking proper food, for infants up to 6 months have milk source enough to get iron next to iron stores located in their bodies, for children who are not breastfed should eat certain types of dairy fitted with iron.
 For children and adolescents due to rapid growth in need of iron additional quantities, should not be relied on only drink milk, as milk is a poor iron source. Therefore must get them a lot of iron-rich foods.

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