Get Your Health and Beauty by cumin

Is a herb that is sold in pharmacies and stores natural materials, herbs in Germany. Cumin, even if doctors specializing in physical therapy and herbs they say to their patients in some treatments, including intestinal problems and stomach aches.

In old medicine books said that cumin can be in treatment of more than 60 medical condition.

Doctor physiotherapy and herbs Gerhard Boomer in Bremen Germany, advised his patients to use in cases of colic, indigestion, swollen stomach, frequent menstrual and intestinal worms.

You can take cumin in two ways, either in pill form, any non-crunched, to maintain all elements useful, eating a teaspoon of it and chewed well after each eater creamy or causing gases, cabbage. Or put pretty Spoon a small amount of crushed cumin in a boiling water cup, let mixture soak for 10 minutes, then drink an average cup in morning and another in evening. (personally I prefer the second option).

Not only cumin benefits on health matters, but has benefits for beauty, in order to remove facial spots and get clear and light skin, uses cumin water clean your face three times a day.

After studies have shown that cumin anti good microbes are entered German pharmaceutical factories in some treatments, which helps to remove indigestion and gases expulsion, including pills against indigestion and cases cramping intestinal, also in hypnotic drugs, which are not harmful, if commitment to abuse dose prescribed by your doctor.

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