Fast Ways to Treat Your Dry Skin

Peel off skin, irritation and dry throughout year, often worse in winter. But whatever time he have done, everything you need is alleviating that situation.

- Bathing in a warm bath for a short period.
 Andrea Lynn Cambio, dermatology specialist said that a fellow of American Dermatology Academy that as it sounds very hot steam bath soothing, but hot water will not help dry skin at all.

So what is the problem? That the hot bath removes natural oils that work, as a barrier that protects your skin from dehydration and keep it soft also moist. So skin care experts recommend taking a warm bath not increase duration of 5 to 10 minutes.

- Use a gentle cleanser.
Wash your skin using a soap-free cleanser when bathing. Can be products that contain additives, eliminating race or anti-bacterial harsh on skin.

Be careful when you use materials for peeling and other astringents include alcohol in their ingredients, which can exacerbate dry skin problem. If you guess feeling refreshed that you get it after removing dead cells, is exaggeration in skin peeling, according to Jacobs. It irritates that skin and lead to an increase in thickness.

- Choose appropriate dress for any season.
The damage caused by exposure to sunlight is a major cause behind dry skin, appearance of wrinkles and skin roughness. You can play role to avoid damage by using sunscreen SPF 30 throughout year and wear appropriate clothing. Cambio says, «wear layers of clothing could lead to overheat and sweating profusely; both of which can lead to skin irritation.

- Do not leave your lips clear to cold.
To prevent dry lips in winter, use a lip moisturizer with SPF 15 sun visor and cover your lips with a scarf with a mask. In the summer, wear light loose clothing and long-sleeved shirts in sun, wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your neck, your ears and your eyes.

- Moisture home conservation.
Cold weather and dry air in winter, a common cause of dry skin. While it may help heat your home in chilly months to keep you warm, but they also lead to remove moisture from air, which could possibly increase dry skin.

- Follow rules moisturize that skin.
Simplest products can help moisturize skin to alleviate dry skin. Dermatology specialist Sonia Pradricia Bansal says: «The oil gel as a perfect moisturizer. Or you can use mineral oil or creams or lotions that.

- Wash your skin liquid detergent that does not contain soap, preferably containing ceramide to renew outer layer of skin.
- Dress smooth on your skin for a period of not less than 20 seconds
- Put thick moisturizer cream immediately after bathing so that your body remains retains moist.
- Moist hands after each time when you wash them, so as not to cause water vapor to pull more moisture from your skin dry.

Last but not least, even benefit double benefit of protection from sun, look for cream contains SPF 30 sun visor or higher protection degree. You can use moisturizing sunscreens such as ointments, creams and generation types. However American Academy of Dermatology advises using creams because they are best in combat dry skin.

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