Foods That Clean Your Teeth.

Tooth decays does not affect teeth alone, but also distorts beautiful smile. When it got cavities it can not re-build to a natural state, but it can stop teeth decay when alone by appropriate treatment from a dentist.

In this case advised brushing teeth at least twice daily, especially after lunch and going to sleep. It also strongly advised to use dental floss to remove food debris among corners because tooth brush cannot reach them well.

Dental hygiene not only protects your teeth, but also your brain, according to a recent study led by Dr Michael Robson, maintaining clean teeth would that Memory strengthens active brain cells, but a lack of clean causing deterioration in mental health too.

Is there something else not just brushing your teeth?......Yes, eat a healthy balanced diet, reduce eating sugars and starches can contribute to preservation of your teeth.

You have to be very careful that following foods are found on your list of daily meals because they play a big role in cleaning your teeth:

1 - Milk:
Contains compounds that help to oral and dental health, especially protein that prevents pathogenic bacteria from sticking to tooth decay.

2 - cheese:
Researchers noted that it includes many of materials sticking port of teeth and protect them from effect of acids that work in teeth demolition. Apart from this, act of chewing associated with eating cheese contributes to more secretion of saliva, effect that modifies acidity of mouth that cause most damage to teeth.

3 - Strawberries:
It is very important fruit for your teeth, research has confirmed that strawberries help whiten teeth during very brief period with impart gloss on them, strawberries  removes stains left behind by stimulant drinks such as coffee and tea.
According to research conducted at this level, he can take advantage of strawberries in teeth whitening through a little massage with half strawberry fruit daily directly on teeth. It is useful to recall here that strawberries help to heal gums wounds that can be malicious germs that sneak through to occur no dire consequences, especially on heart valves.

4 - apples my lovely fruit:
It is works as natural lye to your mouth and teeth, it increases secretion of saliva, and bacteria attacking tooth accused platelets formation, due to apple is riche with polyphenol antioxidant.
Apple reduces absorption of sugar, while peel keep strong teeth and gums treatment, but to get this you should eat apple every morning with peel.

5 - Parsley:
chewing a little parsley stimulates secretion of saliva, which prevents form tooth platelets, eliminates bad breath odors thanks to his riches with effective material chlorophyll.

6 - Legumes:
they are rich in proteins that are useful for building body's tissues, strengthen bones and teeth, raise proportion of hemoglobin in blood, stimulate secretion of saliva to wash your whole mouth.
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