10 Foods That Reduce Libido

Libido affected by many factors, including psychological and physical including associated eating habits, the following are some foods that effect on libido:

1 - licorice root:
Lowers testosterone levels, this in turn affect sexual moments in men.

2 - quinine:
It is a natural extract of eucalyptus and consumption affects sexual activity.

3 - Alcohol:
Alcohol is a big monster, it's destroying sexual desire.

4 - unsaturated fats:
Lead fried and processed foods to lower sperm count and semen quality.

5 - Mint:
Even when you chewed gum breath mints, they contribute to weaken of libido.

6 - salted biscuits:
Raises blood sugar and can cause weight gain, it increases estrogen while reducing testosterone levels, it affects the libido too.

7 - soy:
Although the soybean  is very healthy, but eating too much of it reduces testosterone levels and then libido.

8 - red meat:
Eating meat causes a hormonal imbalance affect sexual performance.

9 - sugar:
 High and low blood sugar has a negative effect on sexual desire levels.

10 - Coffee:
  Drink more than two cups a day cause a decrease in libido.
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