Depression Diagnostic And Test.

Doctors and therapists ask questions about mood and thoughts, through regular meetings therapeutic. Sometimes, patient is asked to write down answer questions to help them in detecting depression symptoms.

When doctors in doubt that patient is in depression, doctors make a couple tests and on body diagnostics and psychological diagnostic.
These tests and diagnostics will help doctors to detect other complications related to the situation.

Tests in general include:
Physical examination (physical);
Laboratory tests;
Psychological assessment.

Depression diagnostic criteria, there are many diseases that cause depression, with doctor diagnostic and test he will help to find reasons that make depression then find the right cure for that.

These are following criteria:
- Adjustment Disorder: Emotional reaction to severe traumatic event in life. It is a disease associated with psychologist and psychological tension would affect emotions, thoughts and behavior.

- Bipolar disorder: In the past, called Manic Depressive Psychosis,this type of disorder known volatile mood of extremes.

- Cyclothymia: Also called cyclothymic disorder, is one of adjustment disorder types.

- Dysthymia: Disease is less severe and less difficult, but it's more of a chronic depression.

- Postpartum depression: Is depression appears when some women after they are born babies. It shows, usually, after a month of birth.

- Psychotic depression: Is severe depression accompanied by symptoms and psychotic phenomena, such as hallucinations.

- Winter depression: This type of depression is linked with changing seasons and not enough exposure to sunlight.

Severe depression has levels for any people, depression for man is not like child or woman.
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