Few Tips to Ease Stress and Anxiety Symptoms

Many of us suffer from stress and anxiety throughout day, we can help alleviate some tension symptoms to give you a greater psychological comfort.

Diet manages your tension:
We all suffer from stress, but how we treat him is that makes difference and manage stress is a powerful weapon for good health, because precipitant tension could harm our health physical, there are several tactics, including what we eat, how diet stress management can help.

Food and resistance to stress:
Food can relieve that stress in many ways, food as simple as a bowl of oatmeal warm elevated levels which a chemical sedative in brain, other foods can cut levels of cortisone and adrenaline, stress hormones, which destroys human body over time, accursed Health can resist impact of stress by supporting the immune system and lower blood pressure, do you know how much right foods you eat?

Complex carbohydrates:
All carbohydrates stimulate brain to increase hormone secretion and excretion consistently given a good feeling, eating complex carbohydrates is the best, which are digested slowly, examples include: breakfast cereals full, bread and pasta, also oatmeal, as well as complex carbohydrates help you to feel stability of blood sugar levels.

Simple carbohydrates:
Usually recommend nutrition experts to stay away from simple carbohydrates, which include sweets and soft drinks, Mini sugar are digested quickly, leading to a sharp rise in serotonin hormone, however does not last long, there are healthy alternatives more not MAKE this usually to remove tension.

Orange from more foods rich in vitamin C. Studies show that this vitamin can reduce that stress hormone while strengthening the immune system, in a study with some of injured high pressure and level of cortisone to levels natural quickly when people eat vitamin C before hard tasks.

Famous one did not make never tension possesses him perhaps reason he was in magnesium found in spinach, lack of magnesium lead to headaches, fatigue, and compounded by stress effects, one cup of spinach enabled him to renew stores magnesium some people do not prefer spinach.

Fatty fishes:
To monitor tension always you must multiplication of fatty fish, fish-rich (omega 3), such as salmon and tuna, it can be prevented storms stress hormones and help protect against heart disease, mood disorders such as depression and disorders premenstrual, supply fixed Omega 3S should eat 3 ounces of fatty fish at least twice a week

Black tea:
Drinking black tea can help you overcome situations of anxiety and tension faster, one study that compared between people who eat four cups daily of tea for 6 weeks with people who drink another, clearly people who drink tea calmer they have lower levels of stress hormone cortisone after being exposed to stressful situations, when tension caffeine coffee would increase stress hormones and high blood pressure.

A best way to lower high blood pressure is to get enough potassium, half avocado contains potassium, avocado rich in fat calories and zinc.

Besides changing your diet, one of the best ways to resist stress is exercise, exercises aerobics promotes blood circulation and stimulate cycle oxygen in your body, must exercise 30 minutes of exercises aerobics 3 to 4 times a week.

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