When You Do Not Get Better With Cough Medicines

With onset of winter,  what cough happens unless treatment of cough, Prevalence of cough or cough very high and despite treatment easy, but some cases do not respond to treatment and continue coughing or for a long time.

Know  7 reasons why cough or does not improve treatment  when coughing:

1 - cough associated with a cold or flu:
 From many reasons for cough is getting flu and even after treatment of influenza continue coughing for weeks because of inflammation of pharynx or throat by virus that cause flu.

2- thoracic disease-causing cough:
The asthma or allergic chest diseases causing chronic cough as a result of exposure to material causing allergies and that work on bronchial irritation and must avoid these substances. As well as acid reflux and during apnea causes chronic cough.

Consult a doctor if you suffer from following symptoms:
 In case of acid reflux
 Heartburn (acidity)
 Persistent cough
 acid taste in your mouth

Halitosis for breathing hard:
 Wheezing during sleep
 Sleeping during the day
 Choking at night.

 3 - Tension:
With everyday stresses in our life, growing tension over coughing periods.

4- Excessive use of airbrush nasal congestion:
Common mistakes use airbrush excessively must not exceed use airbrush for 3 days because used for a long work on inflammation nasal membranes and persistent cough.

5 - Do not drink fluids in sufficient quantity:
That drinking fluid reduce severity of cough and duration such as juices and water, but must stay away from coffee that contain caffeine because caffeine affects body by drought and that does not help in treatment of chronic cough. Chronic cough affects all ages of children up to older Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic cough for more than 8 weeks should visit a doctor to find out why.

 6 - bacterial infection:
Sometimes after getting a cold leave room for bacteria that invade lungs easily and can be bacteria that cause injury pocket, bronchitis If I was fever was companion cough long term, know that behind this bacterial infection and should consult a doctor, you may need to take anti-vital.

7 - blood pressure medications:
 Do you take medication for high blood pressure? If so, that explains why cough time because one of side effects of these medications may cause long-term cough so you should consult your doctor to replace a type of medication has no side effect.

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